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bertie [Feb. 16th, 2013|03:33 am]
My sister has these weird clairvoyant moments. When they happen, she just knows. They're not common, and they're not usually too over-specific, but when she gets them, they're almost always accurate. For example, when mom dropped a lot of money into a surgery and medication for a cat we used to have, Mary argued against it, saying she didn't see Bastet being with us much longer. Next thing you know, she disappears, presumably stolen by some neighbors who didn't like that we had her and whose moving away coincided with her disappearance. Another example is that she always had a peculiar knack for knowing that her boyfriend (now ex) was upset exactly when he was upset.

Today, we took Roxie for a walk. I spotted a white cat picking its way delicately over a log and pointed it out. I thought the stark contrast between it and its dark surroundings was interesting. Aunt Brenda was with us, and commented that it looked like Bertie. Bertie was a white kitten I gave to Lea as a Christmas present years before. She raised him and he was a pretty good, very smart animal. She took him with her when she moved back to Washington. He ran away just a couple of days later, but thanks to Mary's talents with computers and networking, he was found a month later, a little scruffy, but well. After that, he ran away again, maybe more than once, but the last time, no one went looking.

Anyway, when Aunt Brenda said the white cat made her think of Bertie, I said I wouldn't be surprised, given that pets have been known to travel across the country by themselves, trying to get back to familiar surroundings or following their families. Mary said she would be very surprised.

Then she talked about her latest clairvoyant flash. She said she got the feeling - the certainty - a few days ago that he died. When I asked if she had a feeling about how, she said starvation or freezing. It was so sad to me that I didn't say anything else about it for awhile. Later on, though, since it still bothered me, I asked where she thought he might have been. The image that came to her, she said, was of a thin, perhaps four day old corpse with tight skin and barely open eyes, lying on a piece of newspaper against a wall.

It was one of the saddest images I've heard her describe, and it's been bothering me all night. What's funny is that just a couple of days ago, I thought about him, and wondered where he was. If anyone had adopted him. If he was okay. But now it's almost a certainty that he died a sad, slow, lonely death, and no one missed him. I don't know why it's bothering me so much. Maybe because, as a domestic animal, he had known a much better life. Maybe because it's horrible to think he belonged to someone, but they didn't look for him. Maybe because he'd been around long enough to exhibit a personality.
Maybe because I loved him, too. Maybe I should stop asking if she ever found him.

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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2013|01:36 am]
That was definitely an interesting game. Though I think it was more fun watching Jim Harbaugh lose his shit than the actual Super Bowl.
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Pearls Before Swine [Jan. 27th, 2013|01:30 am]
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So I started this home business thing. The only real hard part so far is getting out of the "friendzone" haha. Getting beyond your circle of friends and neighbors who will buy your stuff because they feel bad for you. I don't know why anyone WOULDN'T want to host one of these - or any, really - party. They all come with free stuff if your party qualifies - candles, food, jewelry, hostess credit, whatever - but what sets this one apart is that it's about opening oysters and finding pearls inside. Pretty cool stuff, right from the oyster's mouth. Like a pick-your-own strawberry patch, but more expensive.

Have you ever trimmed your LJ friends/communities or organized your music/videos for so long that your stomach starts growling and your dog looks at you sympathetically, wishing IT could feed YOU?
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2013|11:01 pm]
Livejournal, I don't think you're trying hard enough. Try switching a user's home journal around with their friends page. Then you'll be more like Facebook.
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(no subject) [Mar. 19th, 2012|02:08 am]
Whew! Just did some LJ cleaning/organizing. I feel like my friends page is a book of color coded tabs now. I really should spend more time here. Curse that Spacebook thing. Myface? FACETUBE?

I was commenting to Patrick on a group of boys celebrating a birthday - they were all about 9-ish - and I was telling him about Mandy and how easily overwhelmed she is by new environments. (She went berserk at a Christmas tree farm! Like she'd never seen trees before! Or a field!) And I told him that if she were there, surrounded by aaaaalllll that energy, her eyes would dilate to pinpricks, she would suck it all up, and then release it in a nuclear explosion.



I thought that was great imagery.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2011|12:59 am]
Also, have been getting seriously sick and scared of this whole Occupy garbage. Bunch of lazy hippy communist douchebags calling for - what, exactly? Anyone else realize that it began with the Arab Spring? And that their first move was called the Day of Rage and they didn't even have a clear goal? They had no idea what they were protesting against, except that it was all vaguely liberal and whiny. And after over a month, they STILL don't have a clear Thing Against Which to Protest! Bankers? Consumerism? Corproations? Rich people? Seriously? You're going to bitch about and try to punish people for being successful? And claim to represent 99% of - what, exactly? The American population? That's a laugh.

Is anyone else unsettlingly reminded of the Weimar Republic? Next, they'll be hating Jews - oh wait, they already do. Gosh darn Israel and those pesky Jews; if only they'd give up their land and culture.

(Need actual video evidence? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLSvK2eIoBs Holy crap, did his sign actually say "Nazi"!? Darn those Jews being good at things! )

Zeig heil!

PS: There's also cop hatery going on.

Seriously - it's getting a little terrifying with how pervasive this trap is. Someone say a prayer.
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2011|08:46 pm]
Been awhile, eh? A few updates that I don't want to spend a whole lot of time and detail on, and yet combine to be a little too massive for an average Facebook post.

1) It's fall. I love fall.

2) About 84% finished with my Dr Who scarf. :D Ran out of yarn. D: The site suggested that twi skeins of Cascade 220 would do for the grey. Another site said this other yarn from Knit Picks was a better hue and virtually the same as Cascade as far as weight goes. So I got two of those, not realizing that they were half the size. So I got half the grey yarn I needed. (Really, I think I only need one more tiny skein, not two.) Anyway...can't get anymore until halfway through November. Le sigh. It's good I have a backup project to work on in the meantime.

3) There are feral cats in the hood. They're still very young, only born earlier this year, but I think they've been feral too long to be socialized. Working on making a trap/neuter/release happen for them to keep the colony from growing. More.

4) Got a second notice of a traffic citation which doubled the fine. Then realized I'd never gotten the first one and also that it wasn't for me, anyway. It was my sister driving my car and the speedcam caught it. A-har. Working on getting the fine reduced by half, to the original amount.

5) One feral kitten in particular is making great progress. I was able to hand feed it soon after making its acquaintance. After that, it came for food when it heard the door open and often slept under the doorframe. Yesterday, I invited it inside for some food and it graciously, cautiously, curiously accepted. It didn't seem afraid so much as overwhelmed when my sister showed up and then the dog showed up. I let it back outside and fed it some more. Today, I invited it inside again and let it wander around some. Then took it upstairs into the guest room and went out for a wee litter box, some litter and liners, a hidey hole and a toy. S/he seems comfortable and it a cuddlewhore with a horrible sounding meow. I call it Schrödinger. Mary hates that name. But she gave me a traffic ticket.
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2011|04:25 pm]
Well, yesterday was the most boring day in the history of boring days. I went with mom to visit her friend Anne in VA. I forgot how boring little old ladies could be. And kind of rude, too. I mean, I like her and all, she's a nice little old lady. But she sure likes to talk. About nothing. A whole lot of absolute, pointless nothing. Anytime I managed to get a word in edgewise, she started talking over me before I got the rest of the sentence out, having latched onto some detail and spun it around into something unrelated. Example:

She asked if I drew everything just from memory and imagination, and I said no. That picture there, and the one of the man's profile are pictures I drew from a paused tv show. That's supposed to be King Richard, in one of the really early Dr. Who episodes, fr-

And then she started talking about the royal wedding, because it, too, had been on television. wtf. She did that a bunch of times.

Maybe she's not as boring alone or with someone else. I know mom isn't. But together, they were the perfect storm of boredom. I mean, okay, so you little old ladies might not want to laugh and play music and write stupid stories and draw penises because they're funny looking. I get that, you don't like to have fun. But great Lord, at least find something interesting to talk about! Philosophy! Moral quandaries! Newly discovered aquatic species! Art! Literature!

But no. How thick are your glasses, now? I wonder when the electrical man will be here. You have a gas fireplace? Oh, those are nice. My, the economy has gone downhill. I don't like sweets. Have some carrot juice and almond butter. My father used to juice all manner of vegetables. Carrots, beets, celery, cabbage. I also have sardines. So-and-so is a wreck since her husband died, calling and crying all the time. So-and-so-someone-else is living life far too liberally, she's going to burn out by the time she's forty.

holy crap. I had no idea you could fill an entire day with ....THAT.

And the entire point of visiting had been to meet for lunch, but what did she do, she made an appointment with the electrical company to come do work, thereby tying up the whole day! Who does that? I have company coming for lunch, I think I'll have the electric company out at the same time? No! Come to find out, though, after several hours, the work was to be done outside and she didn't have to be there after all.

holy crap. I thought we'd be back by maybe 4 or 5 five in the afternoon, having meant to leave at 10a, but leaving closer to 11. Oh no. No, we got back at like 9pm.

But it wasn't all Anne's fault, or even both of them together. It was also one of the absolute worst days to travel I've ever seen. There was congestion just about the entire way there and back. Trying to avoid said congestion on the way there, we got lost, even though mom has a GPS. I decided, when I tried using it, that it hasn't updated itself in awhile because it can't for some reason. (It kept trying to, though. And said we weren't on roads we were clearly on.) So we got lost in the forests of Germany, but eventually made it. I think I'd have rather spent the day in Germany. :P

But today should be good. The rest of it, I mean. Mom came by with the lawn mower and mowed the lawn. I had started cooking by the time she showed, and adjusted the amounts to be for two people. Then Aunt Brenda showed up and we all shared food. :) Tonight, it'll be the River Concert with fireworks. Always fun. I just wish it weren't so crowded.. Hard to find a seat, then takes an hour just to leave the parking lot. I can guarantee that there are people already there, staking out a good place to sit.
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2011|06:04 pm]
So. When I got home, Roxie had left two sloppy, wet doo doos and matching pee pees. One of these doo doos was right on the carpet. :( I put her out and cleaned it all up. No sooner had I let her back in than she barfed.

So I cleaned it up and went to pick up my sister. In that span of time, maybe half an hour, she made ANOTHER PEE PEE.

PS: Also got turned around trying to find Mary's new building. You'd think that saying "It has an airplane in front of it" would be a huge help..
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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2011|11:32 am]
Why do people always want to steal my stuff? A scanner? Really? Without the cord? Maybe it'll show up, I don't know, but Mary says she didn't move it, mom says she didn't move it, and I'm pretty sure I didn't move it unless I was asleep and/or under the influence of mind altering drugs. Damn thing cost me $70 that I most definitely felt, and I certainly can't afford another anytime soon. No idea when it went missing; I hadn't noticed because I thought Mary had "put it away" somewhere and I hadn't been drawing anything to scan anyways.

BUT NOW I DO. It isn't much, but it's a little awesome, I think. Best part is that I think it looks like him in the face. You know - that it isn't a dummy face, the identity of which is only hinted at through the presence of the hair and the coat. Note: had to use my cell phone. It'll be replaced with an actual scan, you know...when I have a scanner. Again. :'(

Guess WHO:

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